The Shape of Water: When Love is Quiet

The Shape of Water unravels like a dark 60s fairy-tale. There is the lonely female protagonist (Sally Hawkins), her cursed love interest and then, of course, the villain Colonel Richard Strickland (in the shape of Michael Shannon). Elisa, a mute cleaner who works at a top-secret lab, discovers what appears to be an amphibian creature... Continue Reading →


The Disaster Artist: Do What You Love Even If You’re Not That Good At It

Yes, the title of this article doesn't resemble the usual 'Follow your dreams' ideologies, but this is the whole premise of The Disaster Artist and I like it. It's the truth. From birth until adulthood, we are told to excel at what we love in order to be valued within society. But why can't we... Continue Reading →

Gerald’s Game Utters The Unutterable

Spoilers contained within! Stephen King once said 'Fiction is the truth inside the lie,' but what if the truth is unutterable? The story of Gerald's Game is just that: unutterable. Thankfully for us, King was the one who told it. King has always been good at digging up the deepest tombs before rubbing his reader's... Continue Reading →

The Handmaid’s Tale: Praised Be Bitch

Spoilers contained within! "Praised be bitch" are the words left on a note from Moira to June (also known as Offred), two friends who were unable to escape the hands of a male dominated government in which fertile women must procreate babies for the ruling families. This so-called solution aims to increase the dwindling ┬ábaby... Continue Reading →

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