My Humble Review Of The New IT Movie

Wow, what a movie. This film will certainly make you want to be a kid again - even if it means being chased around by a salivating clown. Speaking of the clown, Bill Skarsgard plays a truly captivating Pennywise (it was impossible to look away). Bizarrely, the clown was actually quite charismatic and, more often... Continue Reading →

Get Out Unravels Identity

Get Out has proven to many that horror is a genre that should be taken seriously. If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re probably aware of the story: a young black man named Chris, played by Daniel Kaluuya, is taken to meet his white girlfriend’s ‘Obama voting’ family. As his visit progresses, disturbing events start to... Continue Reading →

7 Most Iconic Male Outfits From 80s Cinema

During the 80s, a fashion ‘faux-pas’ was the very essence of style. Clashing colours, a terrible hair-do or looking like you just stumbled out of a thrift store were all part of the 80s fabric. Throughout the era, ‘coolness’ was about being different.

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