4 Most Stylish Male Vampires Of All Time

Lists are fun, especially when you can do what the hell you want with them. This list will serve no purpose whatsoever other than to inform you on what I believe are the 4 most fashionable blood sucking characters in the history of all time and forever more. You know there was a time not... Continue Reading →


The Handmaid’s Tale: Praised Be Bitch

"Praised be bitch" are the words left on a note from Moira to June (also known as Offred), two friends who were unable to escape the hands of a male dominated government in which fertile women must procreate babies for the ruling families. This so-called solution aims to increase the dwindling ┬ábaby production whilst also... Continue Reading →

My Humble Review Of The New IT Movie

Wow, what a movie. This film will certainly make you want to be a kid again - even if it means being chased around by a salivating clown. Speaking of the clown, Bill Skarsgard plays a truly captivating Pennywise (it was impossible to look away). Bizarrely, the clown was actually quite charismatic and, more often... Continue Reading →

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