What’s your favorite scary movie? – Scream & Meta-Horror

At first, Scream seems like your typical teen-slasher movie. Even the character set-up is based on the six archetypes placed in almost all teen-horrors: the virgin, the party girl, the hot boyfriend, the asshole, and the geek (the virgin's secret admirer). The story also sticks with that basic plot of ‘anonymous murderer in a small town’, so Scream initially appears to lack any originality.

The Shape of Water: When Love is Quiet

The Shape of Water unravels like a dark 60s fairytale. There is the lonely female protagonist (Sally Hawkins), her cursed love interest, and then, of course, the villain Colonel Richard Strickland (in the shape of Michael Shannon). Elisa, a mute cleaner who works at a top-secret lab, discovers what appears to be an amphibian creature... Continue Reading →

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