6 Ugliest Movie Prom Dresses You Can’t Help But Love

Mondays are always bleak but this week was 'back to school' week for the majority of teens in the UK. Sucks to be you right now. To liven things up a bit, I have created a rather nostalgic list containing the most ugly prom dresses in teen-movie history. From the pink to the really pink.... Continue Reading →


7 Most Iconic Male Outfits From 80s Cinema

During the 80s, a fashion ‘faux-pas’ was the very essence of style. Clashing colours, a terrible hair-do or looking like you just stumbled out of a thrift store were all part of the 80s fabric. Throughout the era, ‘coolness’ was about being different.

7 Links Between Baby Driver and Drive

  Spoilers contained within! Having seen Baby Driver just yesterday, I have to say that this movie is well worth watching if you like the kind of movie that takes you back in time to, let’s say, the 50s. Ansel Eigort is truly engaging as the ‘pure at heart’ yet totally reckless driver and the rest... Continue Reading →

The Great Gatsby: Gatsby’s Suit

Gatsby is consumed by loneliness as he wonders the corridors of his enormous mansion; he is the man who has everything and nothing. Baz Luhrmann's adaptation of this book conveys a stunning, if not over the top portrayal, of the 1920s. The huge party hosted by Gatsby at the beginning of the film is as breathtaking as... Continue Reading →

Romeo and Juliet: The Hawaian Shirt

Baz Luhrmann's idea of Verona, the city in which Romeo and Juliet is set, is a far cry from the Elizabethan settings Shakespeare's plays are so famous for. Luhrmann's idea of Verona, an Italian city, was that of a place that was neither past nor present. The abandoned and half destroyed stage located on the... Continue Reading →

Miss Penny Lane: The Coat

Set in the 1960s, Almost Famous is a movie about growing up and how music, drugs and rock 'n' roll often camouflaged a young person's youth and lack of experience.  The musicians and groupies in the movie that are seemingly cool, free and knowledgeable of the world around them are revealed to be (towards the... Continue Reading →

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