Stranger Things: 15 Things You Need To Know About The Demogorgon

If you're a massive Stranger Things fan like myself, then check out my list article on Screenrant for some facts and theories concerning the flesh-eating beast we all know as the Demogorgon.

The Handmaid’s Tale: Praised Be Bitch

"Praised be" is a term they often use in this 'new America'. The phrase is a passive aggressive reminder that they are in their hands now, the hands of the commanders (the husbands of the house) and anyone above them.

Search Party: Dory’s Quest To Be Good

Search Party tells the story of a normal twenty-something girl who becomes obsessed with the disappearance of an old high school acquaintance, Chantal. The show is both a comedy and a thriller and flows through both genres with such ease that it feels totally normal to see silly sitcom-like comedy convoluted with dark murder themes.

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