Stranger Things: 15 Things You Need To Know About The Demogorgon

If you're a massive Stranger Things fan like myself, then check out my list article on Screenrant for some facts and theories concerning the flesh-eating beast we all know as the Demogorgon.


The Handmaid’s Tale: Praised Be Bitch

Spoilers contained within! "Praised be bitch" are the words left on a note from Moira to June (also known as Offred), two friends who were unable to escape the hands of a male dominated government in which fertile women must procreate babies for the ruling families. This so-called solution aims to increase the dwindling  baby... Continue Reading →

Search Party: Dory’s Quest To Be Good

Search Party tells the story of a normal twenty-something girl who becomes obsessed with the missing of an old high school acquaintance, Chantal. The show is both a comedy and a thriller, and flows through both genres with such ease that you are compelled to accept the strange mix of clever yet silly sitcom-like comedy... Continue Reading →

Orange is the New Black: Seeing People

The characters in Orange Is The New Black exist on the edge in a kind of limbo state, neither here nor there. Some had wealthy upbringings, some are orphans and some were abused. Most of them took a spontaneous bad turn, others were pushed into doing something illegal. This is not to say prison was never in... Continue Reading →

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