What The F**K Happened To Mike Hanlon?

Small changes were made to all the characters, physical and in regards to their backstory, but Mike's changes were significant enough to have left a lot of fans with a sour taste in their mouth.


IT: The Bloody Toilet Scene And Why Beverly Marsh Is NOT A ‘Damsel In Distress’

Each child has a fear and Beverly's is puberty. Although the boys also have concerns about growing up and becoming men, Beverly's transition is far more traumatic and confusing; she is a girl after all. Not only does she get her period, which is a messy and life-changing experience for any young girl, she is also enduring the physical effects of pubescence which consequently make her appear differently to the outside world.

Get Out Makes White People Squirm The Most

If you haven’t seen Get Out yet, you’re probably aware of the story: a young black man named Chris, played by Daniel Kaluuya, meets his white girlfriend’s ‘Obama voting’ family for the first time. But as his visit progresses, disturbing events start to push him over the edge and what he discovers about her family... Continue Reading →

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