What’s your favorite scary movie? – Scream & Meta-Horror

At first, Scream seems like your typical teen-slasher movie. Even the character set-up is based on the six archetypes placed in almost all teen-horrors: the virgin, the party girl, the hot boyfriend, the asshole, and the geek (the virgin's secret admirer). The story also sticks with that basic plot of ‘anonymous murderer in a small town’, so Scream initially appears to lack any originality.

Tommy Wiseau & His American Dream: Do What You Love Even If You’re Not That Good At It

Yes, the title of this article doesn't resemble the usual 'Follow your dreams' ideologies, but this is the whole premise of The Disaster Artist and I like it. It's the truth. From birth until adulthood, we are told to excel at what we love in order to be valued within society. But why can't we... Continue Reading →

IT 2017: Beverly Marsh and the Bloody Bathroom Scene

Each child has a fear and Beverly's is puberty. Although the boys also have concerns about growing up and becoming men, Beverly's transition is far more traumatic and confusing; she is a girl after all. Not only does she get her period, which is a messy and life-changing experience for any young girl, she is also enduring the physical effects of pubescence which consequently make her appear differently to the outside world.

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